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The Man is ‘Magical’- in more ways than one!

I recently had the privilege of supporting John in the sessions he delivered to secondary school pupils in Bury. His ‘show’ is both exciting, engaging, and meaningful.

He grips the audience with his mesmerising magic, then moves them deeply when sharing his own life and lived experiences. The message, of having the courage to reach out and seek help if you are struggling, was extraordinarily powerful and fully reflected our own values and message as a national support charity. John is a talented man with a mission to help young people. 

Terry Holland Bury Samaritans

John McBreen, the Mentalist, delivered his show to 8 of our Secondary schools across Bury Council, to our year 8 cohorts, during our tour of the BSafe programme 2021. 

He was engaging and funny with amazing magic skills and a very real story of combatting a troubled youth and overcoming adversity. The pupils were mesmerised by his show and a pin could be heard to drop when he regaled the story of his life and the techniques, he used to conquer his once frail mental health.  The feedback evaluations from the pupils were a resounding example of the success of his show.

Lesley Davidson Health and wellbeing coordinator
Bury Council

Fantastic show, inspirational presentation and full of great facts. We need more of this, thank you.  –


John was amazing, everyone loved what he delivered and his message hits home

PC Mohammed Nadeem – Greater Manchester Police 

Fantastic show,inspirational presentation and full of great facts 

Dave Kneeshaw MNCH HPD Betterminds

Mind blowing presentation, hard hitting, inspiring and relevant – highly recommended


Fantastic show , connected with clients brilliantly, inspiring and motivating. Nailed it.

Inspire substance misuse

The pupils really enjoyed the performance and certainly took a lot out of it. I would recommend it to other schools in a heartbeat and have passed on my thoughts to our senior leaders about trying to find an opportunity for him to come in for other year groups.

Rob Vinvent Head of year St Gabriels High school Bury

Fantastic show , entertaining yet powerful, inspiring and hard hitting. Delivered an important message in a very unique and appropriate way. Well done.

DACA Darwen